Sunday, August 2, 2009

love love love, gasp!

last night i saw a movie with my buddies (that was such a boy way of putting it but "friends" just sounded so cliche...."compadres" maybe?) . 500 days of summer - you may have heard of it? it's about a boy and a girl, but it is not your classic tale of "boy meets girl" in fact the narrator even tells you in the very beginning that it is not a love story. yeah we're going to believe that. but its true! it is not a love story. now im not recommending  the movie and im not not recommending it. i still havent formed an opinion about it. and although the soundtrack is amazing, the movie is not the point to this blog. my reason for bringing it up is the mood that it put me in. it made me think. not about controversial issues or whatever but about love. its kind of interesting. recently God has been transforming my mind and my perception of love and marriage. last night i took a long walk with a very dear friend and we discussed it. gosh, its so sad how society has twisted love and marriage. seriously, just turn on the radio, go see a movie, or read a book that ha been produced in the past few years. its horrible how they've twisted "love" to be a selfish, fickle feeling. i hate it. im coming to a point where i despise the very idea of the world's "love". everything we do should be to the glory of God. if we date, we date to the glory of God. if we marry, we marry for the glory of God. hmmm...there are alot of things i would like to say about this, but my thoughts are all jumbled up in a ball of bitter emotions at the moment. maybe we can get coffee and discuss it. i'd like that. before i go though, I'd like to say this: i want to hear a good sermon on the Biblical outline/guideline/setup for marriage. I want to learn of God's design for marriage. i think the church needs it too. and i mean the youth of the church. quite honestly: we're sick of the purity talks. we're sick of the abstinence talks. we've heard what we shouldn't do. we've seen all of the bad examples. now we want the good examples. we want to know what we should do. hmmm...again the ball. anyways, like i said, God's been transforming my perception of things. i thought i might share it. 


  1. I concur you beautiful hearted bean, you.

  2. Wow! You have said it all!! I totally agree with you! Love you, Danielle