Saturday, November 28, 2009

excuses, excuses.

okay okay okay. i know i havent blogged in like 5493652003044520603601360936 years (maybe that's an exaggeration) and i could come up with a million excuses for that, but to put it simply....i've felt uninteresting. it seems like the discontentment bug has not left me. gah! especially when i read certain other blogs, i get jealous and day dreamy. which is no bueno. so what have i been up to? well, homework is always a given. growing relationships. decorating my room. spending more time in my room. making a christmas present. thinking about the future. you know, the usual. yesterday i decorated my window with tea bags and coffee filters.
here's a shot of them at night.

and the finished product.
so i know the shot is blurry, but o well. and trust me, it looks better in real life. at least i think so. and its a cheap way to decorate. i've been drinking lots of tea lately, and the red and white string that Modern Pastry ties their pastry boxes with added an extra festive touch. thank you Modern Pastry. oh and here's a little taste of the christmas present i mentioned up there. obviously i can't spill all the details...she may be reading!
'twas swonderful talking with you again. and i promise more posts soon. and i especially promise a post when it snows!

p.s. any hints as to how i make my pictures bigger and more beautiful on this here blogspot?


  1. Love you bean! and your tea bags!!

  2. I love you Hannah and miss you view the blog you can click on the pic and it gets huge. Other than that I don't know any other way.....see you soon!! Yay! Love, Danielle

  3. i use firefox's scribfire. its wonderful. i write and publish my posts to blogger from it.