Thursday, January 28, 2010

late night rendezvous

yep. with peanut butter. and apples. and tea.

its been going on for about a week now. i don't know how it started, but i just can't help it. i've been craving peanut butter, and now that i have a stash of granny smith chillin' in the fridge (no pun intended), it's become a late night ritual.
yesterday, i made a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread and it was good....until i threw some apple slices on it. then it was absolutely amazing.

and to make it even better, tea has been accompanying us. i prefer chamomile. it compliments the apple and peanut butter perfectly. 

i have a couple prayer requests. could you spare a few?
1) i've been recommended for an RA position at my school next year. it's something that i've been thinking about for a long time, and praying about for a very short time. applications are due soon so i just need a little extra wisdom and guidance this next month.
2) "when the LORD closes a door, He always opens a window." ever heard that phrase? well, at the moment im not really sure how biblical that is (not that its not. i just cant think of any verses as of now), but i just witnessed this in my own life recently. see, over break my mother had been praying that i would find a job for this semester, and God was faithful and provided a temporary position at my schools bookstore. well, that job is over now and i was kind of anxious about finding something new. so while praying (without expectancy might i add. shame on me) God was faithful yet again, and plopped a regular babysitting job right in my lap. it couldn't have been more perfect. and the children couldn't be any more wonderful. actually, its quite silly the way it all worked out. i used to work at a local church the first and third thurs. of every month as a child care provider for a group of mothers who met for a bible study, and i fell in love with this beautiful, joyful girl. i used to pray that her mother would ask me to babysit every time she came to pick her up. well that job ended months ago and no babysitting request. well to my surprise, her mother is my new employer and i get to take care of that delightful little girl and her darling brother and sister every week! so if you could just pray for wisdom with these children. that our time together would be safe and fun, and that i will be myself and be a good babysitter. i always get nervous. oh and one of the children is only 5 months old, know...pray for the whole bottle feeding, diaper changing, burping, napping stuff....thanks =]

peanut butter.

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  1. How about,"When the Lord closes a window, He always opens a door" maybe a little more biblical? Haha..i dont know. You will be a wonderful babysitter(:
    i love peanut butter, apples and tea.