Wednesday, July 14, 2010

update: 7/14/10

yes, i do realize i have a mustache. no, im not considering shaving it off.
i got my holga!
remember this post?
well, i added her to my wishlist and voila! the most wonderful birthday present!
i cant wait to try out my little holganator when a surprise comes this weekend.
isn't she just precious?

p.s. sorry for the serious lackidge of posts lately...when my life gets interesting, they'll be more frequent. i promish =]


  1. yay! i was so excited to see a new post!

  2. HANNAH! let's go on a holgashoot!

    i have a yellow one :)

  3. Ah a new post! Yay!
    You're life is very interesting. (: You just can't see it from the outside.

  4. excited to see a blog from you! Love you! Love, Danielle