Wednesday, December 30, 2009

im sitting in the dark.

sleep has not been my friend the past few days. mainly because my mind is racing with a million and two thoughts.

1] i am so blessed.

2] i am so undeserving.

Dear Friends whom i love ( you know who you are because i've told you so),

i think of you always. though i may not show it or speak it, the depths of my love are....deep [for lack of something poetic].....what im trying to say is: you bless me daily. and for that i am thankful.

im learning to treat you more kindly. you have a beautiful soul and a heart and mind to match. let me not discourage you!

love, Hannah

im not ready to go back. not yet. but i will be! once i've accomplished a few things.

p.s. have i mentioned that i want this one?

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