Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a place i long to call home

in 3 (4?) hours i shall be off on another adventure. although im sad to say this is not a missions trip, i have a feeling God has allowed me this trip for a purpose. This time around i will be visiting the green grass of Ireland, the lovely chill of Scotland, the lace of Belgium, [something special]of the Netherlands, and my favorite place in the world, the place i long to call home, England. This will be my fifth time visiting England, and i must say that i am very blessed. it still puzzles me, though. why has God allowed me to go so many times, yet He's never called me to stay? i have a feeling this trip is going to be  difficult. prayer would be much appreciated. i am learning (again and again) to trust in Him. i know He has a plan. i know it is a good plan. a perfect plan. because He is good and perfect. i know that He is faithful. i know He wants the absolute best for me. i know His ways are not my ways, and that His thoughts are so much higher than my thoughts. i will rest in this: God loves me. i encourage you to do the same =]. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

la dia de los padres

today is fathers day. my bompa doesn't believe in fathers day. it seems as if my pops doesn't enjoy it much either, but i know he lets us celebrate just to please my mother. he is a very good and loving father. unfortunately he had to work today. we enjoyed a nice breakfast with him and then went our seperate ways. i've been thinking about fathers day. i wonder what it means to my Heavenly Father? although some may disagree, i think it means alot to Him. However, i think that fathers day is a different concept to Him. as a child of God, father's day should be every day. showering Him with blessings, appreciating what He's done [and what He does] for us, reflecting on His goodness, and setting aside special time to spend with just Him. every day should be like this. i regret to inform you that my everyday does not look like this. and as i sit here writing this, i realize that my day wasn't like this. hmmm...i shall leave now. and go make the most of whats left of Fathers day. 

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I always thought it strange to have a blog while still in high school, considering that the very people i would like to read or be involved with my blog were seen pretty much on a daily basis. And if they weren't seen on a daily basis, they came into view often enough. Today is the day after graduation and it seems as if the perfect day to start a blog. I figured that since I'm leaving for Boston in two short months, a blog would be a fun way to let people know what I'm up to. And to express some creativity. So here it is. My blog. Which I am creating from my new macbook, affectionately named Cornelius. Cornelious? Whichever way it is spelled, that is his name and I am very blessed/thankful/grateful/stoked to have a macbook to name.