Saturday, June 20, 2009


I always thought it strange to have a blog while still in high school, considering that the very people i would like to read or be involved with my blog were seen pretty much on a daily basis. And if they weren't seen on a daily basis, they came into view often enough. Today is the day after graduation and it seems as if the perfect day to start a blog. I figured that since I'm leaving for Boston in two short months, a blog would be a fun way to let people know what I'm up to. And to express some creativity. So here it is. My blog. Which I am creating from my new macbook, affectionately named Cornelius. Cornelious? Whichever way it is spelled, that is his name and I am very blessed/thankful/grateful/stoked to have a macbook to name.


  1. I blogged since 2003 until 2008 and then I stopped this past year. I think I'll start a new one too. I was thinking of taking a Facebook break for... July, maybe August.
    I haven't named my Mac yet. I named my DSLR "Major Domus" so maybe I'll give my Mac a name like Charlemagne. Haha.

  2. Very cool Hannah!!! I'm so excited you started a blog!!! And....did you win the mac at grad night?? Love you, Danielle

  3. tala: yes you should start a blog! then we can blog together from school! and i think charlemagne is a hefty/epic/manly name. ok maybe not....but it makes me thing of ancient history. anyways. i outhink it perfectly suits a mack.
    danielle: im excited too! and no i didn't win at grad night. unfortunately i didnt win anything. so although i got a numerous amount of tickets for fitting 38 grapes in my mouth and giving branyn a very long wet willy [eeww!!], they were worthless. however, they did profit many fond memories. i love you!