Sunday, June 21, 2009

la dia de los padres

today is fathers day. my bompa doesn't believe in fathers day. it seems as if my pops doesn't enjoy it much either, but i know he lets us celebrate just to please my mother. he is a very good and loving father. unfortunately he had to work today. we enjoyed a nice breakfast with him and then went our seperate ways. i've been thinking about fathers day. i wonder what it means to my Heavenly Father? although some may disagree, i think it means alot to Him. However, i think that fathers day is a different concept to Him. as a child of God, father's day should be every day. showering Him with blessings, appreciating what He's done [and what He does] for us, reflecting on His goodness, and setting aside special time to spend with just Him. every day should be like this. i regret to inform you that my everyday does not look like this. and as i sit here writing this, i realize that my day wasn't like this. hmmm...i shall leave now. and go make the most of whats left of Fathers day. 

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  1. I'm the most proud of you. I love you more than life hannah ivy ;)