Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a place i long to call home

in 3 (4?) hours i shall be off on another adventure. although im sad to say this is not a missions trip, i have a feeling God has allowed me this trip for a purpose. This time around i will be visiting the green grass of Ireland, the lovely chill of Scotland, the lace of Belgium, [something special]of the Netherlands, and my favorite place in the world, the place i long to call home, England. This will be my fifth time visiting England, and i must say that i am very blessed. it still puzzles me, though. why has God allowed me to go so many times, yet He's never called me to stay? i have a feeling this trip is going to be  difficult. prayer would be much appreciated. i am learning (again and again) to trust in Him. i know He has a plan. i know it is a good plan. a perfect plan. because He is good and perfect. i know that He is faithful. i know He wants the absolute best for me. i know His ways are not my ways, and that His thoughts are so much higher than my thoughts. i will rest in this: God loves me. i encourage you to do the same =]. 

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  1. Awesome post!! I will be praying for you!! Love you, Danielle