Saturday, February 6, 2010

about being myself,

I've always had a hard time with that. especially around new people. and people i really admire. i wish i didn't. but i'm learning alot about it. about how to be me. and how to enjoy it.

that's why i like taking photos.

i can't escape myself when i do.
no matter what angle i take it from, or where my light source is, it's always my picture. always me taking it. i'm trying to explain what i's like my photos always have a sense of me in them....does that make sense? i think every photographer has it. a certain style that just comes through every one of their photos.

and it's funny, because it's not something you can change. at least, that i can change.
and it's wonderful. i feel me when i have the camera in my hands. maybe because its something to both hide behind yet show myself to the world through. i don't know.

but the camera makes me so.....inescapably me. 

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