Wednesday, February 3, 2010


and i don't mean the kind you're probably thinking. i mean the nosy kind. the kind that has to know everyone's business.

i think the internet has made me into a know-it-all. and i hate it.

i deactivated my facebook the other day because of this. and for other various reasons, but this played a big hand in it. i've grown accustomed to feeding this itching desire to know what's happening in people's lives 24-7. people i don't really even care about. and i hate it.

it creates so many bad characteristics. i become prideful. i become envious. i become a stalker. well not exactly a stalker, but maybe a little creepy. and i hate it.

you know what i've realized though? that i still have this itching desire to be a know-it-all. ok so i don't get on facebook, but i've realized that im now seeking out a million other ways to be involved in other people's lives via internet. why is that? and why do i have the desire for people to still be a part of mine? i feel like with every new status update or new album creation it's like i'm screaming out "LOOK AT ME. DO YOU SEE THAT I'M HERE? DO I LOOK INTERESTING BECAUSE I CAN MAKE UP A WITTY PHRASE OR TAKE A COOL PICTURE? LOOK AT ME!!!" how sad is that? it's pathetic. absolutely pathetic. and i hate it.

maybe blogspot isn't the place to express these sort of insecurities, but i felt i needed to share. and to look on the brightest side of things, many lessons are being learned, and healthy habits being formed. it's truly amazing what God can show you about yourself and about Himself when you dispel idols from your life.

Oh! please don't take this as a condemning sort of blog. i don't think everyone should deactivate their facebooks or other social networking sites becuase i don't think everyone used it in the same way i did. and i don't think social networking sites are of the devil and i don;t think you're going to burn in hell for using them. i know that people use them for wonderfully positive things like keeping on touch with family, reconnecting with old friends, and raising awareness about issues and events and the like, i just wish that that is why i was using them. i was partially, but i've just seen the issues they've created in my own heart and so i think the best decision is to step away for awhile. i'll still be blogging though. to post verses i find encouraging and fun pictures i want to share with the people i love back home. please know that i miss you all dearly!
congratulations on reading this whole post. sorry that i could not make it more exciting with pictures and he like, but i think that would be semi-inappropriate :P but really....what kind of pictures do you add to a post like this? haha

'til next time, read one of the four gospels. listen to Jesus' words and remember all the wonderful things He did. Hooray!!!


  1. hey! i was just having the same issue. you expressed that very well. i totally understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. its good to get back to proper priorities and attitudes. let God fulfill. and THEN we can try to properly enjoy the added bonus He has given us...friends. "For it pleased the Father that in Him [Jesus] all the fullness should dwell," Colossians 1:19

  2. Wow. You are just one of the most gorgeous of all the women I know.
    I am so so so grateful for a sister to look up to.