Wednesday, February 17, 2010

vanilla london

one of the most wonderful things in the world is waking up to snow falling.
that happened yesterday.
and its extra wonderful to wake up and see what mother nature has done after a night of snowfall.

i wish i had pictures of that.

but don't fret!

my lovely jo and i went for a quick walk around the school.
we talked and i snapped a few photos.

i hope its okay that im posting your pictures jo dear....

isn't she a beaut?

i was going to show you pictures of the campus in the snow, but she's just too pretty.

Jo is my blessing here at school [among many]. i couldn't ask for a more beloved, encouraging sister in Christ. go read her blog and you'll see what i mean.
she is a prime example of a beautiful girl.

also...isnt family just the most wonderful thing? so encouraged byt my mother and sister today. oh ho i love and miss them.

also learning to like cottage cheese again. and i want to like eggplants. any suggestions?

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  1. Aw I love Jordie, and miss her dearly. But, Im so happy that she is a blessing to you at school:)