Sunday, July 26, 2009

growing up

I am currently sitting in the fort built by my cousins and I on my front lawn. It's a nice place to blog. It's a nice place to think. I've been doing alot of that today. Thinking, reflecting, realizing. I guess it all started when i woke up this morning thinking i was in Wilson 209, Wenham, MA. i had a dream about Gordon last night which made me really excited for school. Thinking: school is a few weeks away. my new life is a few weeks away. in a matter of days my life will be radically changed forever. that's alot to think about. Reflecting: God is good to me. I have been so blessed. blessed to grow up with a loving family. blessed to grow up a bike ride away from the ocean. blessed to grow up at Calvary Chapel. blessed to meet amazing people who love the Lord. this may not be grammatically correct but you get the general idea. i have been blessed. Realizing: i am growing up. i am a legal adult now. i'll be seeing friends graduating college, getting married, having children. i cant believe that i am at this age already. my Bompa came over today and was telling my parents about his recent trip to Florida where he witnessed his friend pass away. he is at that age. someday i will be. it reminds me of the message of ecclesiastes: life is a vapor. but that's the cool thing about God. before i knew God, before i had a relationship with Him, my life was a vapor - it was meaningless. but God gives me purpose. He fills me with hope. he gives me worth and value and meaning. why? i am so undeserving. we are so undeserving. so unworthy. so why? because He loves us. because He created us. how lucky are we? 
i had a nice day with my cousins today. like i said, we built a fort and i decided this is where i wanted to write to you guys. the littlest one came to join me about half way through and upon discovering the joys of photobooth she requested we make a video. it seems as if she had been thinking about what she was going to say for awhile so i thought i would share it with you guys:


  1. SO SO SO SO SO SO cute, and can I just tell you Hannah-my lover bean, that you are THEE biggest blessing in my life? I am SO SO proud of you. You're amazing.

  2. Hello Hannah!! Such a great blogger you are....I'm excited to see what God will do in your life!!! Love, Danielle