Thursday, October 8, 2009

inspired by a tree.

dear friends, i'd like to take this time to tell you of my recent encounter with God.

it's breezy outside. no. windy. windy is a better term. it's windy outside.
and right now is my favorite time of day. 5ish. this is when the light is most beautiful in the world. not only is it the perfect time for b&w photos, its the perfect time to slow down and see the beauty of God. i can't even describe to you the overwhelming feeling thats welling up in my chest as i write. i have never seen an autumn so beautiful. i have never seen a light so beautiful. i am so overwhelmed with emotion in this moment. can i even begin to describe to you how wonderful He is? no. my words will not suffice. cannot suffice. i am so unworthy to even speak His name. but i can't help it. i want to run. to run through the meadow surrounded by auburn adorned trees and shout His name.
Jesus! Love! You are beautiful. You are marvelous. i am so unworthy to be loved by You! YHWH! Beautiful One, All-Sufficient One, my Jehovah Jirah.

inspired by a tree. inspired by the light. inspired by His majesty, by His handiwork.

oh Beautiful, Beautiful Savior.
"beautiful" cannot describe You. Your beauty is far more than anything i can imagine. i will cry.

*unfortunately the photos are not mine (as made evident by the copyright). i wish i could post my own but i haven't had the time to take my own photos of the beauty that surrounds me. this will have to do for now. all photos from gettyimages.

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