Friday, October 30, 2009

there's no place like home. there's no place like ANY home.

i had the most wonderful time last night in a home. in a real, warm, lived-in home. it was absolutely wonderful. the director of student ministries here at Gordon is good friends with my dear Tala's family and so she invited Tala and a few friends over for dinner. for the record: i am extremely thankful that Tala invited me. it was absolutely wonderful! Laurie is so sweet and kind. she is my bread group (which is similar to the small group concept) leader so i had already met her before las night, but i did spend some time talking with her after. she has a lovely house complete with wooden floors, fire places, and french doors (the kind thats made out of window panes basically!) and ohhhh it was absolutely wonderful. do you know how much of a treat it is to get off campus, sit on a real couch, and eat a home-cooked meal? it is a delightful treat. and so it was last night. have i told you how absolutely wonderful it was? absolutely wonderful. i wish i had pictures to share, but unfortunately i don't. it would have been rude snapping pictures at the dinner table anyways, but Laurie did open up her home to us and said we are welcome to come over whenever, even if it's just to study or get away from campus. i will take pictures on one of those adventures.

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