Saturday, August 8, 2009

i put a hole in my ear

yes. i did. i finally pierced my cartilage. lessons i've learned from this experience:

1) talking is easy. its the doing that's hard.

2)nothing but Jesus can satisfy.*

3) tattoo parlors are intimidating. so are men with gold teeth.

4)salt water taffy from a friend can always make a throbbing ear feel better. 

5)i will miss California.

*a strange lesson to learn after getting a piercing...but yes, i did learn this lesson. you see, i've wanted to get my cartilage pierced for, oh i dont know, the past four years? the first time i asked my mom she said, "Not until your 18." i continued to ask every birthday/christmas until i finally figured out that continuos asking would only irritate a mother already unhappy about her daughters desire to pierce any other part of her body besides the ear lobes. so i stopped. well i turned 18 on July 6 and got my ear pierced August 7. now i know that i wasn't going to be completely whole/satisfied/happy when i finally got it done, but as i was laying uncomfortably on my side in bed with my ear throbbing, i realized that i should have been perfectly content without an extra hole in my ear. i shouldn't have obsessed over it. for that i feel stupid. for the record, i don't regret getting this done. my best friend got her ear pierced with me (not in the same spot cause that would just be stupid and weird. hers is in the cartilage directly attached to your face. i dont know what that's called.) which was a fun little last hurrah before i leave. i'm just saying that nothing, no piercing, no new shoes, no amount of weight loss, no boy, can ever sustain us. Jesus. just Him.