Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i think i'll go to Boston

welllllllll, today is my last day in california. so far i've gone to bed bath and beyond, tj max, and ross, done laundry, and packed. what a wonderful way to spend my last day...NOT. needless to say, i cannot believe that its already here. Mixed emotions: excited/scared for something
completely new. And i mean completely new. i've grown up in southern california my whole life and gone to calvary since kindergarten. so yes, this move is a completely new thing for me. it's kinda funny because this is one of those things that you dream/think/plan about for a very long time (and yes i realize "plan about" doesn't make sense but whatever) and when it finally happens you can't believe it. so that's where i'm at. here i am what You will.

Goodbye California,

Hello Massachusetts. 


  1. that photo makes me want to join you!

    have fun hannaaaaaaaah! :)

  2. Oh I'm going to miss your sweet face!!!! Love, Danielle